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How it works

Video Review & Reports

I have been using video analysis with private clients at in person lessons for a number of years now and the benefits are immense. I’m delighted to now expand this so I can help you wherever you are in the world!


Check out the Steps below. If you select the full package - I will review your game and one of whichever shots you want analysed. I'll show you how to send me a short video of yourself hitting and/or playing tennis. When I get your video and you complete the player questionnaire, I'll then send you a report summarising where your game is at the moment and the next step you should take to allow you to improve. This will include a technical summary of you technique and the major improvement points.

The best bit is that I will send you a video with your technical review.


  • Buy the consultation package

  • Complete the questionnaire & tell me how I can help

  • Read the guide to make your video

  • Time to make your video!

  • Follow the steps to capture everything you need - only a few minutes

  • No need to edit

  • Send me your video clip (or clips) to my WhatsApp or 

  • Send me the link to where you've posted it

  • That's it!

My Part
  • I will analyse your video and review your answers

  • I will produce your report and training plan

  • I will send you the video with your video analysis

Video Analysis
Report & pLAN
This is a screenshot from someone's tennis report
Technical Help
& explanation
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